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February 2, 2017

Spot Signs of a Stroke F.A.S.T.

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association notes that “F.A.S.T.” can help you spot the signs of a stroke and know what to do if these symptoms occur:

Face drooping – Does one side of the face droop or is it numb? Ask the person to smile. Is the person's smile uneven?

Arm weakness – Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

Speech difficulty – Is speech slurred? Is the person unable to speak or hard to understand? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence, like "The sky is blue." Is the sentence repeated correctly?

Time to call 9-1-1 – If someone shows any of these symptoms, even if the symptoms go away, call 9-1-1 and get the person to the hospital immediately. Check the time so you'll know when the first symptoms appeared.

Additionally, the AHA/ASA says that there are other symptoms you should know.

• Sudden NUMBNESS or weakness of face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body
• Sudden CONFUSION, trouble speaking or understanding speech
• Sudden TROUBLE SEEING in one or both eyes
• Sudden TROUBLE WALKING, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
• Sudden SEVERE HEADACHE with no known cause

Should someone show any of these symptoms, immediately call 9-1-1 or emergency medical services.


Information courtesy of The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association



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